MUSCS Fantasy Premier League 2017/18 (U4U)

Remember the MUSCS Fantasy Premier League 2017/18 (U4U) competition we started before the Premier League season for U4U Members? These are the final 38th match results:

1st place (MUFC 2017/18 Replica Jersey + printing):
FC G.BEST U4U2017035 (ShuMing Lau) with Total Points 2195.

2nd place (MUFC 2017/18 Replica Jersey):
Kamikaze U4U2017048 (Ashish Pavasak) with Total Points 2172.

3rd place (MUFC 2017/18 training kit):
U4U 2017018 (Alex Chee) with Total Points 2077.

Congratulations to all 3 winners! We will be contacting them soon for prize collection.

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