Rest in Peace, Zulkarnain Shah. Thank you for the memories.

Good morning dear friends.

It is with my deepest sadness to announce the passing of our dear friend and faithful U4U member Zulkarnain Shah.

He is not only a member of our club and a prominent football player of our U4U football team, he is also a trusted and loved friend by all that has known him thru this club.

We all remember him as a strong, vocal, and assertive man. Thru his traits he has become the voice we look towards to when in doubt, a shoulder to lean on and listening ear when we have problems and most of all a mentor to most of us here including myself.

A man that we all should strive to be.
Most importantly, above all that, he remains a strong and faithful family man. We have seen how he showered his love and care to his wife and children.

And as a strong supporter of Manchester United FC and our supporters club, his contributions includes winning the EPL SG League 3x in a row under the management of Kiren then and also winning the EPL social League with MUSCS Leisure team.

As a footballer he has always been a pivotal role on and off the pitch. He has been an official sponsor for the football team on multiple seasons. Also his support for club events has been endless.

On behalf of the club, it’s excos and players past and present, we thank him for all that he has given and showed us. Let us not remember of his hardship in life but instead celebrate the life he had.

Zulkarnain Shah, you will always be remembered forever brother