MUSCS Leisure Team (Next Match)

LIVE Friendly Match:

In remembrance of the late Zulkarnain Shah
Charity and Fund Raising Match

Date: 24 November 2018 (Saturday)

Venue: Woodlands Ring Secondary School Field (10 Woodlands Ring Road, Singapore 738239)

Kick-off: 5.00pm (Please report on time by 4.30pm)

Please bring along your own RED Jersey. Be there early for warm up and briefings.

Pitch Type: Grass

Do view event description for more details here:

Pitched is secured. Just post your name and position in the comment box (MUSCS Leisure Team Facebook Group) to get your slot reserved, leave the attendance update to us. In case you can’t commit on the day, please inform us in the comment box.

Under no circumstances shall MUSCS be held liable vis-à-vis any person for whatsoever loss, cost, damage, claim or expense such person may suffer or incur, howsoever arising from:

(a) any injuries or form of injury leading to disability/death occurred during the game;
(b) any lost or misplaced of personal belongings; or
(c) any misused of drugs or medication on or before the game.