MUSCS U4U Membership


New Membership sign ups – SGD $32 (Inclusive of Card Delivery)
Renewal (For Last Year MUSCS U4U Members) – $17 (Inclusive of Card Delivery)

1. Special discounts at our Homeground Harry’s Bar (Boat Quay):
~ 15% off discounts on food & drinks (With the exception of promotional items, week day lunch and private events)

2. Entitled to purchase Old Trafford Match Day tickets through MUSCS (1 Membership to 2 tickets, requires a MUFC UK One United Membership for every ticket)

3. Special priority pass to attend events (I.E. Players meet & greet sessions, sponsors and private events)

4. Free entry to our U4U Annual Anniversary Event (Chalet Year-End Party BBQ and more…)

5. Match Day Lucky Draw Events.

6. Enjoy discounts at our affiliated partnership merchants which includes:

Cats Empire:
– 20% off for MUSCS members on cat grooming services. All grooming sessions are on pre-appointment basis. No walk-in.
– MUSCS members get FREE Basic Grooming session for the same cat on his/her 20th session.
-MUSCS members get 10% off cat workshop, cat photography, cat import/export services.
-$150.00 off for MUSCS members on kitten/cat adoption fee from Cats Empire.

SNAP Balloon & Party Services:
1) MUSCS Members get All year round discount on our 3 party packages:
– Sunny Package $560 U.P $770
– Cheery Package $800 U.P $1030
– Jolly Package $1090 U.P $1320.
2) MUSCS Members get 5% discount on any non promotional balloon decoration on their website.
3) MUSCS Members get 5% discount on any non promotional party services on their website.

Glazity Auto:
-MUSCS Members get 10% off from any of the services.

1) Replacement of Windscreen
2) Repair of Windscreen (Chips $11 & Cracks $55)
3) Windscreen Coating & Watermarks Removal Packages (From $107)
4) Pest Fumigation Packages (From $50)
5) Interior Cleaning Packages (From $218)
6) Solar Films (From $80)

Matchday Affairs:
– MUSCS Members get special price for Old Trafford Experience tour packages.

Just Wash Lah! (For MUSCS Members only):
1) The Red Devils = The Usual for 2 Wheelers @ SGD$9 (U.P. SGD$10) for all Class
2) The Red Devils = The Usual for 4 Wheelers @ SGD$9 (U.P. SGD$10) for Awesome Cars, SGD$10 (U.P. SGD$12) for SUV/MPV/Cargo Van, SGD$12 (U.P. SGD$14) for Passenger Van.
3) Welsh Wizard (The Weddin Escort) = The Usual, The Kilatzz Ceramic, The Restorer & The Kiwi @ SGD$22 (U.P. SGD$25) for All Class.
4) Becks Freekick (The Weddin Escort Plus) = The Usual, The Wet Kilatzz Graphene, The Restorer, The Kiwi & The Header) @ SGD$32 (U.P. SGD$35) for All Class.
5) Cantona Kungfu Kick (The External Bao Ka Liao) = The Usual, The Kilatzz Ceramic, The Facial, The See Thru, The Kiwi & The Wipedown @ SGD$28 (U.P. SGD$32) for Awesome Cars, SGD$34 (U.P. SGD$38) for SUV/MPV/Cargo Van, SGD$36 (U.P. SGD$40) for Passenger Van.
6) The Treble Winners (The External Bao Ka Liao Plus) = The Usual, The Facial, The Nano Effect, The Wet Kilatzz Graphene, The See Thru & The Kiwi @ SGD$47 (U.P. SGD$52) for Awesome Cars, SGD$52 (U.P. SGD$58) for SUV/MPV/Cargo Van, SGD$55 (U.P. SGD$60) for Passenger Van.
7) The Busby Babes (The Cleaner than a Clinic) = The In-Depth & The Nano Effect @ SGD$45 for Awesome Cars, SGD$55 for SUV/MPV or SGD$75 (U.P. SGD$65) >7 seats SUV.
8) The Class of 92 (The Cleaner than a Hospital) = The In-Depth, The Nano Effect & The Extractor) @ SGD$72 for Awesome Cars, SGD$92 for SUV/MPV or SGD$102 >7 seats SUV.

Ashraf’s Cafe:
1) MUSCS Members get Dine-in/takeaways at 15% off total bills *$1.50 upgrade to Red Velvet Drink with any mains purchased.
2) MUSCS Members get Event Space 20% off (Above 4hours booking, freeflow of coffee/tea)
3) MUSCS Members get Corporate Workshops and Favors at additional 10% off total bills and free delivery for orders above $250 (1 location)
4) MUSCS Members get Corporate Bentos at additional 10% off total bills and free delivery for orders above $250 (1 location)

1) 10% off any purchase in Single receipt with MUSCS card shown.
2) 1 for 1 bubble tea deal after a Man Utd match victory on the stores next operational day. Applicable to size L bubble tea (cocktail series only) – Store closes on Mondays, so 1 for 1 bubble tea deal will be applicable on Tuesday for games that Man Utd win on Sunday
3) MUSCS Members get 15% off regular rate for engagement of service for a corporate event, baby shower, birthday party, wedding, etc.

– MUSCS members gets 10% off for every card they purchase.

For infomation regarding MUSCS U4U Membership matters, please contact MUSCS at 8830 6229 (WhatsApp) or email @!

*Membership Benefits with partners is subjected to updates and changes as we progresses throughout the season.

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